Q: What do I do if my child cries during class?

A: It is common for young children to feel some separation anxiety when you first come to lessons. When you register for one of our swim sessions, begin talking to your child about how much fun the lessons are going to be. Starting that positive talk and excitement BEFORE coming to class will excite your child and start him out on a path of less resistance. When it is time for class to begin, give your child one final word of encouragement before the class begins. If your child cries, give us a few weeks to work our magic as we attempt to get your child to enjoy the water and swim lessons. Make sure to continue with the praise and positive talk throughout the week after the first lesson. The crying usually resolves itself after a couple lessons when the upset child sees the other children in his class enjoying lessons. At this point, the child and instructor have developed a bond of trust and the child is likely to begin to enjoy lessons. If your child is still having a difficult time coming to lessons and does not seem to be enjoying them after a couple weeks, speak to us so that we can develop a plan for getting your child to enjoy the water and swim lessons.
AFTER SWIMMING:Shower with your child, as the pool has only a small amount of chlorine in it.

Wrap your child in a towel, make them comfortable and if possible give them something to eat or drink before getting dressed yourself. A fully-clothed child waiting for mom to dress might overheat. Adults have better control over their body temperatures, so we are much less likely to suffer!

Now is the time to use baby lotion or moisturizer … for both of you!